American newspaper united against Facebook and Google


All the big American Newspaper have united against the attiude of Google and Facebook.It alleged that both these company are illegally establishing monopoly on the digital advertising market 120 to 128 newspaper published.”Google and Facebook have monopolised the digital advertising market thereby strangling a primary source of revenue for newspapers across the country,” according to the complaint filed by HD Media.

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Publisher claim that there is a secret agreement between Google and Facebook called ‘JD Blue’.The amazine The aim is to unfairly influence competition on the digital platform .The two companies havr also hindered the monetization of news reports from local publisher.The earning and resources of local publisher have been severely affected.

The Australian Government recently passed a law, under which Google including Facebook to pay relevant publisher for showing news to other companies will have

  • In Spain , a law passed in 2014 provided that Google pay local publisher in exachange for the use of their news.

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