China Locks 90 Lakh People लोग घर में हुए कैद।


China Locks 90 Lakh People लोग घर में हुए कैद।

31.07.2021 17.26.55 REC

Despite of having great Vaccination Programme in China, still there has a great spike in Corona cases in recent days so China had putted Mini Lockdown in their Province mostly.

More than 90 lakh peoples were in there home due to this outbreak Called Late wave of Corona Virus in China.

China is being concerned that Delta variant has been spread over the provinces already, They believed there has been an cluster of this variant over the some specific area, Their citizens were being concerned of this variant and already started been getting in panic so there has been a crowd of people according to report resources for checking up there for Covid report.

Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province is the new hub for this new variant and Chinese government believe by undertaking the control over the coronavirus spread in this province would be essential and effective key for the China.

Chinese government claimed that they had provided 1.5 billion doses so for to their citizens across the country, yah question arises how efficient does the Chinese vaccine is over the coronavirus.

Due to this rise in Corona, Indian government also banned their international flight up to 31st August.

Also in America and Australia there has been a spike rise in Corona cases due to which Australian government had deployed their military to control the excess spread of this coronavirus.

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