Claims: Chinese population will decrease rapidly


Beijing China is the world’s most populous country with a population of around 140 million.But Dong Yuzheng, director of china’s Guangdong Academy of population Development, claim that China,s Population will decline in the next 5 years will begins.There may be a drop of one crore every.If you look at the National Bureau of Statistics of China, only 1.46 crore children were born in China in 2019.Has been the lowest birth rate compared to the year 2018, 5.80 lakh childern born less in 2019. Now the biggest concern foe China is that the birth rate is declining and the number of elderly people is increasing. And when we compare to India the India is the second largest after China.

population india china

when we see the chart the popualtion of China should control in future but the India has became the number one which created lot of problem in India taking example food , economy, job,water crisis etc.. but one of the most important is coming in India is fresh water crisis which affecting whole India.

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