Just about today I was going through my Instagram and I saw some really black and white stuff out there. It made me wonder if there is anymore stupidity left to be done by my gender as they are now posting their black and white pictures and calling it women empowerment. In the name of God girls there are women struggling with the unequal wages for equal work and harassment complaints taken for granted who actually needs to be empowered, the village girls who are going to their in laws instead of going to school to get an education needs to be empowered, the girls becoming the victims of human trafficking needs the feminism rage to save them, certainly, posting pictures on a posh app is not helping.  Ideally, feminism goes deeper than many of us understand, it is supposed to help deliberately against the crimes done to the women, issues such as domestic violence, sexual harassment, unequal wages and the basic inequality among the genders.  It was never about making females the gender superior, not about a woman who hates her opposite gender or the one who is burning her bras in the name of women empowerment. It is not about two women calling each other whores and sluts because they can. Definitely not about the hormonal teenagers going topless on their Instagram because that is their idea of empowerment somehow. It is about a person from any gender who believes that the female gender deserves to be treated equally and respectfully. It is about the father who’d rather see his daughter in a seminar hall than on a wedding aisle. It is about every single person who disagree with the patriarchal standards of the society and everyone who oppose the crimes done against women. Although, unfortunately, an issue as significant as feminism has now gained enough dirt on the name. To some people it is just an act of grabbing attention pictures by the women desperate for attention. Even some of the women thinks that the people who are working in favor of feminism are crazy. And that is mortifying, indeed. The female gender have been the most oppressed throughout the history. They are being chastised for wanting to do as they please, for wearing the clothes of their own choice, to work wherever they want. They are supposed to be quiet when someone wolf whistles or objectifies them out of their patriarchal beliefs. And that is not alright. Feminism is about removing such elements out of the mentality of people. It is about letting women do whatever they believe in with their life and to have their decision respected and supported.

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