Finally PM Modi’s Addressed to the Nation on 7th June.


Finally PM Modi’s Addressed to the Nation on 7th June.

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Our PM Modi announced today he will address the nation on 5 p.m..

Our PM Modi said “Our fight against second wave is on. We have gone through a lot of pain. We have lost loved ones, acquaintances. My sympathies with all such families. “

“Covid-19 is the deadliest pandemic in the past 100 years. The modern world has not seen such a pandemic. Our country has for this pandemic at many levels,” new health infrastructure has been developed in the the 1.5 years with covid hospitals, ventilators beds, to preparing a network of testing labs. During April-May, demand for oxygen had gone up to an unimaginable levels. To fulfill this demand, we fought on war-footing.

“In the shortest time possible, liquid medical oxygen supply was increased 10 times. Whatever was needed, was brought in from across the world. We did not leave any stone unturned in bringing in whatever medical supplies needed for anywhere in the land. The demand for vaccines globally is much more than the manufacturers of the vaccines across the world, “.

On Vaccine our PM Modi had said, There is very less number of vaccine manufacturers in the world compared to its demand. Imagine what would have happened in India if we did not have Vaccines. If you look at history of last 50 to 60 years, you will know that it used to take decades for India to get vaccines from abroad. Vaccine work used to be completed abroad, even then vaccination work cloud not start in our country. In the last year, India launched two made in India vaccines. Today more than 23 crore vaccine doses had been administered.

Prime Minister Modi said that the supply of vaccine is going to increase in the coming days. “Today 7 companies in the country are producing different types of vaccines. Trial of three more vaccine is also going in the advanced stage,” he claimed. Modi also said that work on producing an intranasal vaccine for covid is also happening.

Why vaccination to frontline workers first?
“You can imagine what would have happened if our frontline workers, doctors were not vaccinated before second wave. Because most of them being vaccinated, they could dedicated themselves into service of the people. “

25% Quota to States
This year, much of the vaccination programme happened under the Centres watch. Vaccination program was on smoothly. Then state said let the vaccination programme be decentralized. ”

‘We thought let the states monitor 25% of the vaccination work. That was done on May 1.” They understood then what are the difficulties faced in making such a programme happen. Within two weeks of May, some States started saying openly that the earlier system was good.

So after 21st June, the centre will deliver free of cost vaccine to States for 18 + age group. The centre will buy directly from the manufacturers.

What about the Private Hospitals? Private hospitals will be able to charge only Rs 150 more than cost of vaccine purchase from manufacturers, says PM Modi.

Free Ration
PM Modi also announced free ration for 80 crore people under Prime Minister Garib Kalyan Yojana till Diwali.

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