11.Beware; Indian variant of Corona Virus B1617 is Dangerous upcoming big global concern says WHO.


11.Indian variant of Corona virus B1617 is upcoming global concern says WHO.

In recent reports of WHO clarifies India variant of Corona Virus B1617 as a global being of concern.

The World Health Organisation on Monday classified a coronavirus variant first identified in India as a global variant of concern this variant called B1617 was classified as variant under investigation (UVI) by authorities of UK in earlier May.Indian Variant of Corona Virus B1617 has already spread to more than 17 countries and survival countries have put travel restrictions for passenger coming from India as a result of surge in cases here.

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While some reports suggest this Indian variant has been spread over more than 44 countries. The WHO says that a variant of interest (VOI) becomes a variant of concern (VOC)if, through a comparative assessment, Indian Variant of Corona Virus B1617 has been demonstrated to be a associated with increase in transmissibility or detrimental change in COVID-19 epidemiology, increase in virulence or change in clinical disease presentation or a decrease in effectiveness of public health and social measures aur available diagnostics, vaccines, therapeutics. Alternatively a variant may be classified as a VOC by WHO in consultation with the WHO SARS-CoV-2 Evolution Working Group.

Last week, the Indian government said that this variant also called the “double mutant variant” could be linked to a search in the cases of Corona virus seen in some States. This admission was a change in the the centres previous stance when it said that the strain was not identified in enough samples to establish a sufficient link to the current surge. Even so, the government said that the link was not “fully established”.

Earlier in March, India’s health ministry said that a new “double mutant variant” of coronavirus had been detected in addition to many other stains or variant of concern found in 18 states in the country so called Indian Variant of Corona Virus B1617 .

B1617 world’s first designated as a VUI on April on April 1 by the UK health authorities who requested India to send samples of B1617 sling to carry out the wider studies on Indian Variant of Corona Virus B1617 and determine how effective is existing vaccines are against Indian Variant of Corona Virus B1617.

Essentially, the goal of the virus is to reach a stage where it can cohabitate with the humans because it needs a host to survive. This means, any virus is likely to become less serve as it keep evolving, but in this process it can attain some mutations that may be able to escape The body’s immune response or became more transmissible. Similarly the SARS-CoV-2 virus is evolving fast because of the scale at which it has infected people around the world. High level of circulation mean it easier for the virus to change as it is able to replicate faster.

Medically, the mutant is identified as B1617 variant of SARS-CoV-2. The two mutations it carries are called E484Q and L452R. E484Q is similar to the British and South African variants. L452R is similar to the California invariant.

Indian Variant of Corona Virus B1617.

so now it became hard time for India to co-operate with other countries for essential raw supplements of coronavirus pandemic because they all have banned Indian flights. If WHO had highlighted this as great upcoming concern then the whole world need to unite fight against this variant of strain of Corona some reports suggest that it is 15 x more infection then other coronavirus variant. A better hope that have a vaccine may work successfully on this variant.

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